January 2020

Science communicationListen to my interview on CBC Radio ‘Here and Now’ Toronto with Gill Deacon The teen brain on junk food.

Science communicationRead my article in The Conversation (English/French) explaining the neuroscience behind how a night of merriment and alcohol can cause ‘Hangxiety’ the morning after.
New Year’s anxiety hangover? Here’s what’s happening in your brain

Le blues du lendemain de veille : voici ce qui se produit dans votre cerveau


December 2019

Science communication – Read my article in The Conversation (English/French) explaining how junk foods are particularly bad for the developing teen brain:

How junk food shapes the developing teenage brain

Comment la malbouffe façonne le cerveau en développement des ados

Research – New publication – Reichelt, A.C., Collett, J. C., Landmann, O. and Hallam, K.T. (2019) Assessing the Impacts of Cannabis versus Alcohol and Methamphetamines on Young Australians in Youth AOD Treatment. BMC Psychiatry


November 2019

Science communicationRead my article in The Conversation (English/French) explaining the science behind why we love sugary foods so much.

Your brain on sugar: What the science actually says

Comment notre alimentation trop riche en sucre transforme notre cerveau

Research – New publication – Bodden, C., Hannan, A.J. and Reichelt, A.C. Diet-Induced Modification of the Sperm Epigenome Programs Metabolism and Behavior. Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism


October 2019

Research – New publication – Pham, X., Wright, D.K., Atapour, N., Chan, J. M-H, Watkins, K.J., Worthy, K.L., Rosa, M.G.P.R., Reichelt, A.C., Reser, D.H. (2019) Internal subdivisions of the marmoset claustrum complex: Identification by myeloarchitectural features and high field strength imaging. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy