Public Talks

My public talks share scientific findings in a tangible manner, linking diet to the brain and body, along with how these changes influence mood, cognition and behaviour.

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How does the brain make new memories?Splash ABC (Science) 2017

Can chocolate improve your memory? – ABC NSW Mornings. 28th March 2016

Diet on the Brain – All in the Mind. ABC RN. 25th October 2015.

Sugar junkies: why do we crave the sweet stuff? – Life Matters. ABC RN. 11th February 2015.



2016 Vivid Sydney – The Social Brain: Better Brain Health at Work

2016 TEDxSydney – This is your brain on sugar

2016 Female Brain Summit – Eating right for brain health

2016 CrossFit Collingwood – Brain gains: How diet and exercise impacts on your brain

2016 Nerd Nite Melbourne – Food for thought

2015 National Science Week – Science Speed Dating (Host)

2015 Inspiring Science Sydney– How our diets impact on brain function

2014 National Science Week – What keeps scientists up at night?

2014 Pint of Science Sydney – Remembering to forget

2014 Nerd Nite Sydney – Candy Crush: The dark side of deliciousness

2013 I F*cking Love Science Live – Guest speaker

2013 Science Rewired: Big Science Communication Summit – Being human – dismantling the ‘scientist’ stereotype

2012 Nerd Nite Sydney – Can neuroscience make you forget your ex?

Oh, and one time I got on The Project (Channel 10, Australia)…IMG_5187