About me


I am a neuroscientist with broad training in behaviour, neuroscience and molecular biology. My research in nutritional neuroscience seeks to understand how diet impacts on memory, cognition and behaviour. I utilise a multifaceted approach involving behavioural and cognitive tests in rodents exposed to hypercaloric “junk food” diets to define their impact during critical windows of development, in particular, adolescence.

I combine molecular, anatomical and neurophysiological “wet lab” techniques including immunohistochemistry, quantitative PCR, gut microbiota (16S rRNA sequencing) and, most recently, in vitro electrophysiology, optogenetics, chemogenetics and small animal MRI to determine how obesity-inducing diets change the brain and behaviour.

Please check out my Publications or ResearchGate page to see my current projects and outputs.



Along with research, I am passionate about science policy and public communication. I write for The Conversation, and I have guest posted on The Guardian and other news websites. I have worked closely with journalists from ABC radio, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, SBS to name but a few. I am happy to provide radio and print media interviews on exciting science findings. If you have ideas you want to discuss please get in touch.

I recently was involved with the construction of a discussion paper for the decadal plan for nutrition in Australia.

This site contains my portfolio of general interest science articles I have written and links to other media such as my TEDxSydney talk.

I am available for public talks, seminars, workshops, writing projects and other collaborations.



Science writing and blogging – Do you want engaging and easy to understand science articles for your website? I am a highly experienced and award-winning science communicator. I am passionate about creating bespoke science-focussed articles and blog posts for businesses large and small.

Data analyst – Do you need a data analyst? Want someone to bring numbers to life? I am experienced in the production of data-focussed reports and have conducted statistical analysis for not-for-profits and government bodies. I am experienced at generating clearly interpreted statistical analyses and the visualisation of complex datasets.

To discuss rates and quotes for writing projects and data analysis please contact me.



My other interests include travelling, CrossFit, healthy(ish) living, whiskey, and exploring bars and cafes.


All words/views are my own and do not reflect anything from my employers past or present.