Hi, I’m Amy Reichelt. I’m a neuroscientist and BrainsCAN funded researcher at Western University, Ontario.

I’m passionate about uncovering how diet influences health and wellbeing.

I want to find out what happens to the brain when it is exposed to certain environmental changes – such as junk food diets, exercise, stress and drugs, and how this changes behaviour. In particular, I’m interested in how these changes could predispose individuals to the development of psychiatric illnesses such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders. I use rats and mice which allows me to study the direct impact of these changes on their learning and memory abilities, and the structure and function of the brain.  Finding out how the brain is changed following exposure to diet or lifestyle modifications can inform us about how to develop better therapies for people experiencing mood disorders, maladaptive eating, and obesity.

I’m passionate about science communication, so please take a look at some of the general interest articles I’ve written. I am also highly experienced in public speaking. I love to talk about cutting-edge research into how diet, exercise and stress affects the brain body. If you would like me to contribute to events or provide unique web content for your business please get in touch.